App Neutrality Should be Part of the Net Neutrality Discussion

I bet you think the mobile internet is open.  That if you write the next great mobile app there is nothing that can stop it from fulfilling its destiny.  That if you create a mobile content app that blows away netflix there is nothing that can stop it.


There are basically 2 doors that control the availability of apps to the vast majority of smart phones in this country.  They are owned and controlled by 2 of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple and Google.

If you want your app to reach any type of audience (yes there are other app platforms supporting phones on the margin, but they are  tiny by comparison), you have to make Google and Apple happy.

You have to make them happy by the type, quality, subject matter and more of your app. You have to make them happy with your revenue model. You have to make them happy in more ways than most app developers can count.  And in reality,the good news is,  they both are playing nice these days.

But, and its just a hypothetical, what if they stopped playing nice ? What if, in order to drive up their stock prices they created their own version of a Fast Lane/Priority App Positioning for which they charged ? What if Google decided to sell by bid, positions in their store like they do ads ? What if Apple charged revenue minimums for them to distribute an app to their user base ?  I’m not saying these or any other changes are coming but if I were a betting person I would handicap the odds that at some point in the next 2 years both companies will look towards their app stores for new sources of revenue .  What happens then ?

The mobile app economy is far from open.  It’s dominated by two companies.  It is in the best interest of the entire mobile eco-system to address this duopoly while we are re-examining net neutrality. We should seriously consider requiring Apple to to allow and support 3rd party app stores and to require  that Google continues to support and enable 3rd party stores and more importantly to integrate them into the Play Store, much as Amazon does with Marketplace integration.

Lets open up the mobile app ecosystem and  make sure it stays open.

what do you think ?


2013 CES and CEA Hackathon

2013 CES Conference

2013 CES Conference & CEA MoDev Hackathon

After the AT&T 2013 Developer Summit at Palms Casino, we also attended the CES Exhibits at LVCC and the hackathon at the Venetian. The CEA MoDev Hackathon is where developers compete on the world’s technology stage at the International CES. This special event will be a live competition to see who’s got the best idea and the skills to bring it to life in just one day. Twenty-five teams of up to four people will compete for glory and over $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Microsoft calling winners (us) jump to frame 6:00

Our team “Space Needle” won 2nd place for the Windows Phone App “Travel It”. 

Event date: January 9th 8am-8pm

Location: The Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4303


Grand prize:

  • 1st place: $4,000 cash
  • 2nd place: $2,500 cash + Beats by Dre Travel Channel branded headphones
  • 3rd place: $1,500 cash + Beats by Dre Travel Channel branded headphones

Grand Prize Qualification: To qualify for the grand prize purse, app developers must incorporate a travel or adventure aspect to their app. We recommend to get a sense of all that Travel Channel is involved with from a programming and content perspective. Creative approaches to how travel or adventure relate to your app will certainly get noticed.

Resources: Developers may access any publicly or privately available APIs to assist with their travel and adventure aspect to their app.


The grand prize recipient will be voted on by our panel of judges which includes a representative from each sponsor and special guest judges. The judges will rate each presentation based on the following criteria:

1. Creative app idea (scale of 1-10)

2. Travel / adventure aspect incorporated (scale of 1-10)

3. Quality of demo (scale of 1-10)

4. Stickiness / viral potential (scale of 1-10)

These scores will provide a weighted average and each demo will be ranked accordingly to determine our winners.

Celebrity judge, Todd Carmichael.

Todd Carmichael of Travel Channel's "Dangerous Grounds"

Todd Carmichael of Travel Channel’s “Dangerous Grounds”

We are pleased to welcome Todd Carmichael, guest host of Travel Channel’s Dangerous Grounds. Todd travels the globe, hunting for the highest-grade coffee in the world. Why? Because nearly a billion people drink coffee each morning, making it the number 2 commodity in the world, second only to oil. Todd focuses on the very best coffee out there — beans so rare, they are sought after by the world’s top chefs and restaurants. These coffee beans grow wild in remote regions at high altitude, and are vestiges of colonial strains, spread by European explorers centuries ago. Todd has to go to some of the most exotic, fascinating and dangerous places on earth to find it: from the cities, villages and mountains of Haiti, Bolivia, Madagascar, Borneo, Cuba and Vietnam. Buying the coffee beans direct from the farmers means Todd must encounter treacherous terrain, danger and sometimes, even opposition from entrenched middlemen. There’s an amazing story behind every cup.

Associate Sponsor Prizes and Eligibility

Prizes offered: The prizes (to the best android app to utilize any of our APIs listed below) will be;

  • 1st Prize; One Xperia™ TL  + 1 Smart Watch + 1 Smart Wireless Headset pro to each team member (4 )
  • 2nd prize: 1 Smart Watch to each team member
  • 3rd prize;  1 Smart Wireless Headset pro to each member

Developer resources:

What is a better travel companion than the Sony SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset Pro? Would you like to develop apps for these travel sized smartphone accessories from Sony? If you are an Android developer, read on!

The Smart Extensions SDK supports development of extensions for SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset Pro either as part of your existing application or as a separate extension application. The Smart Extension SDK is an easy to use, intent based SDK, making it possible to access the display, widgets, notifications and other general controls through the following APIs:

  • Notification API: this API is typically used by simple event driven data providers such as SMS, MMS, Missed calls, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Control API: this is the most advanced API, giving you full control of the accessory screen.
  • Widget API: this is an API enabling you to display a widget on the accessory.
  • Sensor API: this API makes the sensor data of the accessory (e.g. vibrator and accelerometer data) available to the Extensions application.

The SDK comes with code examples, an emulator, white papers and full documentation (including javadocs). Download the Smart Extension SDK , SmartWatch white paper, andSmart Wireless Headset pro white paper and get started today!

Prizes offered: For best use of Facebook’s API

  • 1st Place $1000 in Facebook Ad Credits & Unlocked iPhone 5
  • 2nd Place $500 in Facebook Ad Credits & iPad mini
  • 3rd Place $500 in Facebook Ad Credits & iPod touch

Developer resources:

Facebook Developers:

iOS Dev Center:

Android Dev Center:

Web Dev Center:

Prizes offered: The prizes (must use Kii Cloud to qualify) will be;

  • 1st Prize; $2000 cash plus 1 year of Kii Cloud at “Garage” level
  • 2nd prize: $1500 cash plus 6 months of Kii Cloud at “Garage” level
  • 3rd prize; $1000 cash plus 3 months of Kii Cloud at “Garage” level (all prizes to be shared between each of the team members)

Developer resources:

Kii Cloud provides back-end services that help with user acquisition, retention and monetization for your app.  Add user management and data management functionality to your app without writing any server code – by simply using our native (Android, iOS) SDKs, JavaScript SDK or through REST APIs.  In addition, use our native Ads SDK to optimize the global advertising revenue for your app through mediation across several ad networks or even direct ads.  For more information please visit us at

Prizes offered: For best S Pen SDK (Samsung’s Android add-on SDK for Galaxy Note series) usage will be:

  • 1st Place: Samsung Galaxy Note IIs, Galaxy S3s or $300 cash for each team member*
  • 2nd Place: Samsung Galaxy Notes or $200 cash for each team member*
  • 3rd Place: Samsung Galaxy Tabs for each team member*

Developer Resources – S Pen SDK:

What is the S Pen?

The S Pen, introduced along with the Galaxy Note, is a new input tool
that makes up for the disadvantages of old input methods. The S Pen
provides faster and more accurate input than conventional stylus
pens. It is an input tool that provides a similar feel to an actual pen by
detecting the pressure applied on the screen with great accuracy.
You can experience the numerous advantages of the S Pen in the
various Galaxy Note series of devices.

What is the S Pen SDK ?

By using the S Pen SDK, you can easily add various S Pen features to your applications. It provides the necessary functionality to take 100% advantage of the S Pen, including checking if the S Pen is activated, checking coordinates, sensing pen pressure, detecting the on/off status of the side button on the pen, and handling hover events, which is supported on Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

*Choice of 1 prize selection per team member; limit 3 team members awarded prizes

Prizes offered:

  • Top 3 Windows 8 apps: Each person on the winning teams will receive a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet. (32G with black touch cover.) A $599 value.
  • Top 3 Windows Phone apps will win: Each person on the winning team will receive a Nokia Lumia 920. A $450 value.

Developer resources: There’s never been a better time to build Windows apps. From start to finish, Generation App provides what you need to make coding Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps a snap. Find the tools, help, and support you need to get started!

Developer Summit Awesomeness


Congrats to the winning team of the Salesforce Mobile Hack Challenge ($5,000) at the AT&T Dev Summit!
Their hack, Silver Screener, is an instant movie reviewer which allows you to rate films, express your opinions, share reviews with your friends, and receive realtime news about a great fight scene or romantic kiss.

Photos of 2013 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon

Originally posted on Boston Nokia Developer:

I just returned from the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, and boy can I say it was a good one! Approximately 50% of mobile apps submitted to the hackathon were Windows Phone apps and the #1 winner of it all was a… you guessed it, a Windows Phone app! The winner, Ruggero Scorcioni, took home a $30,000 prize for creating an app that uses brainwave readings to determine whether or not it is a good time to make or accept a phone call. We also had other winners who created awesome Windows Phone apps. I’ll write a future post on a list of the winners, for now, lets see some pictures.


Welcome to Vegas developers!


Here I (in the blue Nokia shirt) explain how to better implement Telerik’s RadChart in Partha Choudbury’s app (he went on to win a Microsoft Surface, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Premium Developer Program token and more!). Also in the…

View original 191 more words

Windows 8 DevCamp

The New Era of Work is all about learning how the latest innovations in Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Office, Visual Studio, Windows Phone can transform the way you do business.  There were 3 tracks at the Hollywood event: Business Executives, IT Professionals and Developers. I attended the Developers track, first was the Everything Web Developers Must know to Build Modern Apps by J Michael Palermo IV and Building Windows Store Apps with XAML What .Net Developers Need to know by Daniel Egan MicroSoft Developer Evangelist.

@Palermo4 and I has been exchanging tweets on twitter and finally, I met him in person again. The first time I saw him was at the Windows Developers Conference in Nokia Live few months ago. This time I let him know that I am @hitgirlweb. He is a nice person, I enjoyed watching his lecture. He also wish me goodluck in our new Windows Phone App “Where did I Park” that I’m going to rename because another app have the same name. If you are a web developer (JavaScript/HTML5/CSS) and would like to make an app for Windows Phone go to the Blog of Michael J Palermo IV where I watch and read his tutorials.

The first time I met @DanielEgan was at the UPLINQ 2012 Conference by Qualcomm in San Diego. I attended his session Diving into Windows Phone Market which I did! Thanks to his seminar. He is very supportive to developers, recently he sent Los Angeles Windows Phone Developers Group Windows Phones so the members can deploy and test their app on the devices. We are grateful to him and also to MicroSoft. I’ve been following his blog where I get resources and code samples at The Sociable Geek.

Windows Surface

Click on the link to see photos of the event

Windows 8 Dev Camp